Dr. Larry Walkemeyer

Dr. Larry Walkemeyer has led Light & Life Christian Fellowship since 1991. The church has grown into a large multi-ethnic urban church. Larry’s 30 years in ministry have included youth ministries, conference speaking, para-church leadership, radio ministry, missions work, pastoral mentoring, and over 15 national church plant projects, as well as starting church networks in the Philippines, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.

Larry is the author of 10 books: 15 Characteristics of Effective Pastors, A Good Walk Home; Led:Going with the Spirit; Flow:Unleashing a River of Multiplication in your Church, City & World; Multiply: The Mustard Seed Tribe; Play Thuno: The World Changing Multiplication Game; Beyond 4: Leading Your Church Toward Level 5 Multiplication; Flourish: Growing a Level 5 Marriage; Made for More Visual Guide; The Mobilization Flywheel.

He was named one of the most influential students over APU’s one hundred year history and recently inducted him into their Hall of Fame.